Thursday, May 13, 2010

Table for One

I've written about my solo dinners before.  Because of our work schedules, Jeff and I often find ourselves at home alone at meal time.  And, I must admit, I find cooking for one a bit uninspiring, so you'll most-often find me standing over the sink cutting half a brick of cheese onto some Saltines or throwing a pizza in the oven.   

Tonight was a personal favourite: Slices of crusty bread toasted and slathered in peanut butter.  Oh, with a thin layer of margarine first.  Yeah, I said it: margarine.

(Full disclosure: The photo above shows a quarter of my actual serving.)


  1. on a daily basis, margarine is just better than butter. my personal fave - rsf heart healthy becel @ 25 cal per 2 tsps... but seriously, butter and jam i get, peanut butter is just weird.

    also, in my intro to your list, i talk about how you have impeccable taste in food. please refrain from posting about wendy's and pb. no pressure :)

  2. Haha!
    I look forward to reading that.
    And will try to lay off the dirtbag food posts.

  3. This looks perfect, margarine or no. Plus, I love reading your Tweet updates on the blog--especially when they're about the genius of Community.

  4. Oh no, please, PLEASE, continue with the dirtbag posts! It allows those of us who live on bad takeaway and who call their telephone 'kitchen' to feel less guilty about their own dietary disasters.

    And is it wrong that I initially thought the bread was slathered in thick gravy, an idea that I thought was unorthodox, yet mouth-wateringly delicious?

  5. I didn't know anyone bought margarine anymore!

    I have to admit that I 'indulge' in butter and peanut butter almost daily. My doctor mentioned something about my blood pressure but I don't get the connection.

  6. love the photo and i now i have a taste for peanut butter. clever post (as always).

  7. Word. Jason, you've gotta try this:

    Grilled peanut butter, banana, and agave nectar on said bread -delicious!

  8. is this the free bread from work yesterday? if so, i had mine with turkey, old cheddar and dijon.

  9. Yes, Shannon! The bread!
    So delish.

    Thanks for writing everyone.
    You know how bloggers need comments. Without them we are nothing. Haha.

  10. This looks devine. I am a big fan of peanut butter and good bread. Huge comfort food for me. They recently diagnosed me with this insulin issue which is suppose to make me watch the carbs and sugars. Um, take away my swedish fish but never my peanut butter.

  11. it does look delicious and easy to make