Saturday, May 29, 2010

Small and Cool: The Book

Apartment Therapy released their Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces on May 11th.

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, the founder of AT (and regular contributer to the HGTV show Small Space, Big Style) has become a leader in the design world, in part due to his ipso-facto expertise in tiny homes.  For four years he and his wife (and their baby!) shared a 265-square-foot Manhattan apartment - So he knows what he's talking about.  His website has become something of a Bible in the design-blogosphere and has expanded to include sister-sites revolving around food (The Kitchn), green living (re-nest), techie stuff (Unplggd) and kidstuff (ohdeedoh).  Each is a great resource - I find myself regularly searching the archives for tips and tricks on everything you can imagine.

I received a copy of the book for participating in their Small, Cool 2010 contest.  I didn't think "International" applicants were allowed to win anything, so this was a terrific surprise! 

The book is great, filled with beautiful photos and small-space ideas out the whazoo.  I can't wait to take it to the cottage and spend some gin-soaked afternoons perusing its pages.  

Thanks, Apartment Therapy!  You can get your copy here!


  1. So tempted to buy a copy...looks fantastic even from the cover. Yes, I just judged a book by a cover. In this case, I think it's more than safe to do so...

  2. lol at will's comment above.

    jason, i love your writing style and you have some of the best commenters in the blogsphere i think :) it was nice to receive the book, especially if it wasn't expected! i'm thinking of getting it myself...