Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Receiving Postcards

The blogosphere (I resent that term) is a funny place.  It's amazing how you can "meet" people from all over the world and become . . . friends?  I think that's right.  Friends.  You follow one another's musings, and over time, feel like you really know each other.  

Mina and Alex are adorable young newlyweds from Manitoba.  Last year they sold their home and embarked on a worldwide tour.  They write about their travels on their blog, Sending Postcards.  It's funny and cute and beautifully photographed.  

And if you're lucky, they'll send a postcard!  Just like the blog says!  I got mine today, from New York City, when they were there a few weeks ago.  

Check out their blog - You'll feel like you're right there with them.  Thanks for the postcard guys!  I'm honoured!


  1. W-T-F! What a brilliant idea for a blog! And, this couple couldn't seem more adorable.... love the little sketch of Jack Skelington!


  2. Jason it's funny you should blog about this as I've recently received three postcards from a friend who is in Pars. I met them through blogging at the start of this year, and we've never met in real life as they are from Canada, so I was very touched! It's a lovely thing to do - lucky you getting one from NYC.

  3. Ya gotta love the internets. Just curious: why do you resent the term "blogosphere", Jason?

  4. Oh, I dunno.
    It's a bit hacky, no?

  5. Hmm. Well, it is made up but I like it - it conveys the concept perfectly. Blogland works too but it's not as funny.

  6. i totally get you, about becoming...friends...with people you meet through blogs.

    and it's funny, a few weeks ago i saw a tweet you sent to this couple and checked out their blog - and was on it for a good 30 minutes going through the archives. thanks for reminding me i need to add them to my blogroll. a year long honeymoon trek around the world? something i totally want to do. very cool.

  7. I. LOVE. POSTCARDS. I love to send 'em and receive 'em. I'm obsessed with every bit of actual written and stamped mail that anyone addresses and sends to me. This is the most amazing idea ever. And now I have a brand new blog to read!

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