Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pulling Back the Veil

I get lots of really generous and lovely compliments from readers of my blog.  Lots of "Wow! Your life is so cool and amazing!"  And, in many ways, it sure is: I'm lucky, and the first to admit it.  But you must know, a blog like mine isn't telling the whole story.  I mean, its original mandate was to showcase all the things that make life fun and luxurious and delicious.  The things we long to be.  A sort of fake-it-'til-you-make-it guidebook, perhaps.

But it might be time to show you some realities

So, in the interest of balance and honesty, this is last night's dinner.  It wasn't homecooked, let me tell you, and the healthiest part was a weak shade of green and named after an iceberg. 

Maybe someday I'll post a photo of myself from one of the 26489 horrifying angles I'm capable of, or perhaps something featuring a shock of bedhead the likes of which you wouldn't believe. 

Hm, that might be going too far.

(Combo #1 from Wendy's, no tomato, no pickles, no mayo.  My friend T.J. calls it Gwendolyn's to make himself feel fancier.)


  1. Totally. And this makes me like your blog even more. I'm so glad that you have Wendy's in Canada.

    Are they also called Frostees up there? Or is it more like a Chillee?

  2. I see it's on a plate though.
    I would just eat mine from the cardboard container and paper wrapper :)


  3. Tommy, where do you think Canada is?
    Of course we have Wendy's.
    And yes, Frosties. Mmmm, the new vanilla ones are so good.

  4. you eat wendy's off a plate? yer soooo fancy.

  5. Remember that time you found me on the street and we had a Wendy's feast and I couldn't figure out what a Frosty-cino was? Wendy's is the best.

  6. I marvel at how much you can eat while still remaining whippet thin. God love that bossy metabolism.

    It's fitting that Wendy's is your favourite - I like to think it's the gold standard for trashy fast food. I'm particulary partial to the Big Bacon Classic combo, with root beer and Frosty. Clogged arteries and enough sugar for a diabetic coma. Heaven.

  7. Gwendolyn's. Ha! Love it. (A&W makes a good burger too and they have those great onion rings.) Not only is your fast food on a plate, it seems there's some sort of pretty tray and a TABLECLOTH involved?! Wouldn't be surprised if you dipped those fries in a homemade dijonnaise.

  8. Ah yes, the other lives we lead that don't make it into our blogs...

    Most amusing! Thanks for sharing, Reggie

  9. I also eat my Gwendolyn's Prix Fixe (Big Bacon Classic Combo) with a knife and that's fancy!

  10. HAHAHA. Gwendolyn's. Amazing! This made me laugh.