Monday, May 3, 2010

Memory Lane

This time last year, we lived in a much larger space.  Jeff and I shared a big old rowhouse in an up-and-coming neighbourhood a few blocks east of Toronto's downtown core.  Charmingly out of plumb, far from level, with wonky ceilings and wonkier floors, it was, for more than 4 years, home.  

I have to say, I don't miss all that space.  While it was great for entertaining, it was a bust where cleaning and decorating were concerned.  Our current apartment is finished and fully-thought out, taken care of and adored - Our old house had a few great rooms, but most were terribly ignored.  

Someday we'll want to go back to a house, perhaps when there are little feet pitter-pattering about.  Give us 10 more years.

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