Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inspiration Station

In discussing the decorative changes we'd like to make to our cottage over the next several decades, Jeff asked me to put together a proper source board - Like they do on TV!  But who needs bristol board and glue sticks when you've got the internet and Photoshop.   

The vast majority of these images were pulled from myleshenryblog.  I've alerted you to him before, and stand by the recommendation.  His blog falls into that curatorial, image-bomb category, almost like a look into his brain, a culmination of all the things that he loves, that inspire him.  And I just love his aesthetic - Americana, yacht club, shabby, raw, textural, masculine, vintage, a bit battered, worn-in, well-loved, cozy.  Upcountry.  Classic and clean.  The Hamptons.  East coast.  

So, of course, not every aspect of each shot is something I want for our cottage - But flip through and get a sense of what I want for our home-away-from-home.  The vibe is perfectly encapsulated.  I snagged all the images in a very guttural way, then edited.  It seems, unbeknownst to me, there's a real lack of colour in my mind's eye.  I find the warm whites, wood tones and black accents a perfect counter to all that exists up north - It's a colourful place, so why F with it?  When you get out of the city, you tend to notice things like natural light.  Throughout the day, several beautiful colour-washes wrap everything, so a neutral base allows you to enjoy the warmth of the sunrise, the sparkle of midday and the coolness that falls at night. 

(Apologies for a lack of image-sourcing.  I'm a terrible blogger.)


  1. As you know, I adore my bright colours, but in every apartment I live in, I like to have one or two spaces just like this -a serene escape, I suppose and I love the industrial lamps and pure, tactile textiles. Loads of inspiration - cheers Jason!

  2. Thanks Will!
    So happy that you're a regular reader/commenter. As a blogger, you know how much comments mean!

    Texture might be my number one design love. I could go without almost all other elements, but I need diverse textures!

  3. Jason wow, I love it all!! So glad to find you!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Thanks, Karena!
    So glad to have you reading!

  5. I think the nautical knot door stopper is from Pottery Barn? I just thought I would help with one of the image sources. ;)

  6. I just love this. It's definitely something to aspire to.

  7. That last bedroom is from Sarah's House, I think! It's the room designed by Tommy, no? And Ana (Door Sixteen) has a white corner sink like that. Not sure if this is her bathroom though. I love this aesthetic as well but funnily enough, the walls of my home look as if I gave a Crayola box to a kid having a tantrum and said "go at it".

    (Incidentally,"image-bomb" is new to me - love it.)

  8. i love that shelf holding the liquor!
    and have just bookmarked "myleshenryblog"; great inspiration.

  9. Thanks Taylor!

    Ah, yes, Suzanne - I should have noted that one specifically. I added it myself - Love that Sarah's Farmhouse, particularly the barnboard ceiling in the Boy Room. Delish.

    Sekimachihato - Isn't that shelf amazing?! Myles' blog will give you hours of enjoyment.