Friday, May 28, 2010

And None of Those Pesky Subscription Inserts!

With the death of several universally-adored shelter magazines, the publishing world is obviously changing.  Glossy periodicals are expensive to produce, and in an increasingly-online world, it seems publishers can't keep them going.  A Darwinian shame, certainly, but also an opportunity to change the game.

Last fall, Lonny Magazine became the new kid on the world-wide-block, launching the best online magazine I've seen.  In their mission they say with freedom from page limits, they can share more content in each issue, delivering an intimate look into the way people live.  And how!  There are supersized features of real-life homes (big and small!) great products, green initiatives, DIY's, recipes and more.  Lonny makes the notion of an online magazine a fantastic reality.  The bonus?  The clickable links buried within each ad and editorial allowing you to shop while you flip the pages: marketing genius!

Below are some gorgeous "tear sheets" from Lonny's fourth issue (April/May 2010) featuring Ashley Putman's 3250 square-foot 1940s Georgian home in Houston.  Twenty-six pages of every room in the house - You'd never find that in a conventional magazine.

Putman's bold use of colour, scale and texture are the draw - Rich and deep, a beautiful example of how important contrast is to interior design.  The blue dining room with its oversized armchairs at each end of the table, quirky throw cushions throughout, a surprisingly bright and spare kitchen, and one of the most beautiful wing chairs I've ever seen, nestled beside an equally gorgeous glossy black fireplace mantle.  

What a dream.  Check out Lonny Magazine for more of Putman's home and lots of other goodies.

(All images courtesy of Lonny Magazine.)


  1. Great post, as always. I love that kitchen more than I care to say. And this is a good reminder that a long weekend is the perfect time to catch up on Lonny. I'm way behind.

  2. i just drooled all over myself. i loved each picture a little bit more...

    the only thing i would change would be to add a bright red door!

  3. Lonny is fab and I agree with Tommy - that kitchen makes me melt.

  4. Great online magazine find! Thanks for sharing. One of my friends moved to Houston a year ago and I have been in a hot jealous rage ever since she bought her gorgeous home there. Then I remember that in order to have a home like that I would have to live in the same state as the Bush family. Then I don't feel so bad.