Thursday, April 8, 2010

You Light Up My Life

Back in December we took a trip to Florida.  It was an easy-breezy trip - No big plans, no major spending sprees, just poolside lounging, a bit of shopping and lots of good food. 

We were surprised to see dozens and dozens of thrift shops, Salvation Army Stores and Goodwills.  They dotted the wide avenues and were the biggest of their kind I've ever seen, some the size of small grocery stores.  We noticed them immediately, as we drove from the airport, and made an excited mental note that we'd devote some time to poking about these stores.

When we got around to it, we were fairly disappointed.  While large and filled to the tits with stuff, most of it was dusty old junk.  We did, however, find a slew of cut crystal in various forms.  (It must be the high-concentration of old people offloading it.)  My favourite gin-and-tonic vessel, the crystal tumblers in the middle of the image below are heavy and textured, their volume perfect for my kind of gin : tonic ratio.  I also spotted the lovely mason-jar-style fixture that we installed in the "hall" between our bedroom and bathroom.  It casts fantastic shadows all about and sparkles like a perfect pair of diamond earrings. 


  1. great find! I really like it! I should look for things like this for our hallways! it's so perfect!

  2. You're so right about the American saturation of "thrift" stores. You can find some gems, but you have to sift through a lot of, ahem, coal.