Sunday, April 11, 2010

Table for Seven

It's been a strange winter.  Typically we'd spend a lot of time hunkered down around the TV with Nick and Natasha, eating food, drinking wine, and fighting SAD as a team.  This year, however, we saw them just once between New Year's Eve and last night - certainly our longest dry spell ever. 

You see, they've entered a new chapter - Now married and on the house hunt, Natasha's babymaker rules supreme, her mind and body fully-engaged.  I'm not even sure if she knows it, but like an animal you'd see on the Discovery Channel, she's clearly preparing the way.  I've never seen her this focused, getting into the best shape of her life, a personal trainer her closest ally.  Having lost twelve pounds, she's tight and muscled and strong.  She's been cooking and eating leaner than an Olympian, her butter budget put to much better use.  No more rich meals on a Tuesday, no more wine-soaked weekdays.  

But last night was a welcome return to form.  Having spent the winter holed-up in health and wellness, she was ready to bust loose and host one of her classic dinner parties.  Over time our separate lives have begun to blend: My friends becoming their friends becoming our friends, perfectly.  Brian and Chris, T.J., Nick, Natasha and Jeff all in one room together?  Is it my birthday? 

Smoked cheddar and apple crostini, peppery greens with roasted beets and manchego,  rice pilaf-stuffed Cornish hens, crispy beans, and red velvet cupcakes for dessert.  With a buttercream-creamcheese icing.  That's right: a blend of two of the most decadent icings you can make.  There are no words. 


  1. i hope you saved me a cupcake with extra icing.

  2. Oh my gah. Those cupcakes. The savories. The guests. It's a treat for the senses.

  3. Next time I feel like having a dinner party I'm just going to copy one of Natasha's menus.