Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Small Cool 2010

With temperatures settling into a routine and patio furniture dotting the sidewalks outside, I'm willing to let myself believe it's true: Spring is here!  Jeff and I are marking our calendar, plotting our cottage time carefully.  The ice has melted on our lake in record time this year, meaning we can get up there and start the season early.  We've got big plans - new railings on the decks, another bunky in the yard, and some snappy new paint - cobalt on the doors and shutters and buckets of white on the cheap pine panelling inside.  Stay tuned for a bright, clean country makeover!

Aside from Spring, another annual tradition begins:  Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest, a celebration of homes under 1000 square feet, some teensy-tiny at less than 400!  Real people showcasing their real small homes - There are a million lessons and tips in this contest: storage solutions, layout ideas, and lots of tricks to maximize your small space.

We downsized into our 613 square foot apartment last May, so I missed the competition.  But this time around, I'm ready.  Visit Apartment Therapy to see my entry, and vote if you're a member.  Or become a member and vote.  Just vote!  It's your decorative right!  Thanks!


  1. woot woot! about to blog your entry right now & rally some troops :) of course i'll be heading over to vote and leaving glowing comments as well!

  2. I would have voted had I known you...