Friday, April 23, 2010

I've Got Some News For You

Robyn has returned, peppering us with new tracks from her three-part album, Body Talk.  In a brave new world of music marketing, she's released three official singles (from an 8-track album) well-ahead of its June 7th release date.  A savvy move, really, her name and sound becoming ubiquitous on the blogosphere and beyond.  She's going viral. 

And it's only the beginning.  Sweden's electro-dance-alterna-pop queen will hit us with three mini-albums in 2010, so far displaying the same incredible range as her 2005 self-titled slow-burner which took her from 90s pop write-off to street-cred-laden international arthouse superstar.

Body Talk Pt. 1 has trickled out over the last couple of weeks, and yesterday the four remaining tracks made it into the world.  Fine by me.  There's no better time for Robyn than summer, long drives to the cottage made effortless with her glitchy soundtrack, a constantly-astounding mix of beats and heart, few artists exhibiting this wide a scope.  Even at her poppiest, there's a current of darkness running through all her songs, a healthy dose of cynicism in every track.  And the voice.  It's a bizarro mix of innocent and powerful, sometimes white-girl-rapping ("Fembots") sometimes straight-up heartbreaking ("Dancing on my Own").  When I listen to Robyn, the skip button does not exist.

If Body Talk Part 1 is any indication, 2010 will take Robyn from popular to agonizingly popular, reaching everyone from tweens to soccer moms to all the gays God ever made.  Mark my words.

Sidebar: Earlier this year Robyn released a remix of the El Perro del Mar song "Change of Heart", under her alter-ego moniker Rakamonie.  Listen here.  It was on constant-replay all winter, like Tegan + Sara and Robyn had a lovechild with social anxiety.  Fantastic.


  1. I might add that she has excellent bone structure.

    And I think that "Show Me Love" was great back in the day, but now you have me curious for more.