Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day, Nights Are Cold

My Grandma writes me letters once or twice each month.  I've written about it before, as it really is one of the great highlights of my life.   I imagine her perching at the kitchen table, looking about the house, noting all the little details, taking stock of the simplest things around her.  Sometimes, buried within seemingly pointless tidbits, there are moments of great reflection, tiny references to wonderful moments we've shared.  I don't want to imagine a day when I don't hear about her DIY projects or her accidentally-poetic prose.

Dear Jason and Jeff,
      A beautiful Spring day.  Nights are cold.  Everything so green, clean and bright.  My daffodils are pretty.  I am favouring yellow, am looking for a yellow and white plastic tablecloth for my kitchen.
      Heard you had some of my favourite people for a visit.  Wouldn't that be fun.  Too bad I didn't live far away and they could visit me and stay over nights like you and Becky used to.  Am so glad I had those days.  If we had of known Jeff at that time, he could have come too.
      How did you like the chili sauce and mustard beans?  
     I'm cooking up a recipe: salt, vinegar and just a few drops of liquid soap to try and kill the Creeping Charlie in the backyard.  It takes grass and everything, but have to get rid of it.
      You will be getting into your busy time or is it always busy all the time?  Enjoy it and have fun.
      Love Grammie


  1. This is really sweet. Maybe she could try pouring boiling water on those weeds, too. It's nontoxic and pretty cheap. Danny Seo approves.

  2. She's too old school for nontoxic remedies. ;)

  3. She writes just like my Toronto Mom - adorable. The line about Jeff made me misty.

  4. Jason, I love this - the little details. This little note is so full history, back story, and love.


  5. Thanks for writing, Kathleen!
    You're like a blogger celebrity!

  6. I love grammie and love your blog.

  7. This is absolutely the sweetest. My god, the line about Jeff! Too much.