Friday, January 15, 2010

You Gotta Eat

I promised myself I'd slow down on the food posts.  But then I made dinner.  Pan-seared Arctic char with beets and asparagus.  In a beurre blanc sauce.

If I do say so myself, it was a perfect combination of flavours: the asparagus slightly bitter, the beets earthy and sweet, the fish . . . fishy, and the sauce tart and unctuous.  I sliced the beets with my mandolin, ultra-thin, creating a lovely foundation.  And they're a perfect substitute for potatoes - Just starchy enough, but lighter, sweeter, and prettier.  The fish was seared aggressively in olive oil to a lovely brown and the asparagus steamed to its greenest.

But I'm most-excited about the little single-serving ceramic spouted vessels I bought today at Tap Phong (a balls-to-the-wall kitchen supply store in Chinatown.)  Some people are saucier than others, and I love the idea of allowing guests (or my culinary guinea pig, Jeff) to self-administer their jus or amazing beurre blancs.  At 79¢, it's seriously high-impact and adorable.

Beurre Blanc Sauce

In the pan you used to cook, add one small shallot and allow to soften.  Add a cup of white wine and four tablespoons of butter on medium heat.  Add two or three bunches of rosemary, whisk the butter until melted and allow to simmer away lightly.  Add a quarter cup of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and fresh ground pepper.  Remove the rosemary.  Allow to thicken slightly and pour onto fish or into your adorable individual ceramic spouted saucières.  Enjoy.


  1. Now THAT is my idea of 'meat and potatoes'. Duh-ROOL! I had no idea that beurre blanc was so simple; will have to give it a try.

    Love Tap Phong. It's kitchen kitsch at its finest.

  2. your food photos are so mouth-watering-ly delicious.

  3. we're making something just like this tonight!
    looks great jason, inspiration!

  4. Nice!
    Thanks, Nathan!
    Let me know how it is.

  5. Your food posts are amazing and I am envious of the meals you make.

  6. Thanks, Juli!
    I only cook things that are easy. If you ever have 10 seconds in your crazy-busy life, you should make this one. Particularly delish.

  7. This looks and sounds divine. Thank you for taking the time to share all this. Wonderful. (So glad I discovered your blog, she says, skipping like a kid on her way to the candy store.)

  8. Thanks, Suzanne!
    I'm loving your comments!

    You're really putting in some time reading! I sincerely appreciate it.

  9. That "ceramic vessel" makes me think of Tipsy. And that cinnamon glaze that came in it for the peach cobbler. DElish.