Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where To?

One of the great joys of Jeff's life is researching vacations.  He can sit for hours, Googling and review-reading and plotting our destinations.  Last week he was hell-bent on Costa Rica.  Now he's onto Bermuda.  I don't really get involved - it's his bag.  Like all household tasks, we divide and conquer.

But, this year, I have to get involved beyond packing and boarding a plane: Time to renew our passports.  A few years ago, government officials decided that facial expressions made it difficult to accurately identify travelers - Not sure how, I mean, I'm usually my happiest when I'm about go somewhere great.

Well, I showed them.  I smized big times.


  1. I am exactly like Jeff....TripAdvisor is my daily reading material.

    Are you guys taking a mid-winter trip ?

  2. He can't get enough!
    It's perfect, though. He always thinks I obsess over things, so I can hold this TripAdvisor addiction over his head.

    Yeah, I think early-February.
    But, again, I leave all that to him. Just tell me when to get on the plane.

  3. I don't care where you two go. I know it's going to be great fun and that your pictures will be excellent.

    Good luck, Jeff!

  4. I like the sweater you are wearing in the photo.

  5. omg - I live with a Jeff. I'm not complaining - having a perfect vacation set down in front of you where all you have to do is show up - well, when it works it's a dream come true.

    However, the daily checking of fares, as if he was monitoring a stock portfolio's of places we will never go.... well. Don't get me started.

    Okay - I actually love it. Seven imagined trips to Costa Rica and Argentina... and one that ended for real in Italy? Let's talk.

  6. Haha -
    Thanks, Nathan!

    Where did you come from! Like you've been reading for a while.