Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Night Pig Out

The other day I told you I'm from a long line of potato-lovers.  To be more specific, I'm from a real, true meat-and-potato family.  Our dinner plates could almost always be divided in perfect thirds: meat, potato, vegetable.  Meatloaf, boiled, canned corn.  Roast beef, mashed, Green Giant medley.  Fish sticks, McCain fries . . . uh . . . that one mighta skipped the veg.

What can I say, we were a very typical middle class, suburban family.

So perhaps it's hard-wired, but a plate in thirds is comforting, particularly on a Sunday night.  We had two hulking pork chops in the freezer begging to be doused in olive oil infused with fresh chopped rosemary.  I pan-seared on medium-high heat for two minutes, flipped for one more, and then finished them off for eight minutes in a 400° oven.  Served with steamed green beans and basic-mashed, it was a perfect, cozy meal.

Wine: Villa Maria, a sharp, fruity Sauvignon Blanc out of New Zealand - It's comparable to your Kim Crawfords and your Oyster Bays and other mid-priced off-the-racks, but cheaper.  $15.95 is a great value for something that tastes much more expensive.  I could drink it all day.


  1. That looks like heaven on a plate.

    (and in a glass)

  2. Yum. Throw macaroni and cheese into the mix, and you just described my childhood through current.

  3. Yum. It's good to see you're enjoying NZ wine over there!

  4. Did you sit down to dinner altogether to eat every night? We never did. Ever. Okay...lies...I think I tried to make us once but it was painfully awkward. Natch I wanted everyone to go around the table to say what they did that day. Because that's what families DID, right? No one was having it and everyone retired to their corners of the house. And that was the first and last family dinner. Wah waaahhh...