Saturday, January 16, 2010

Seriously Hot Chocolate

So, after dinner, a great friend came by for a visit - And she didn't come alone: she brought a sack of Mrs. Field's mini cookies.  Gah!

And I always have a pouch of Soma's Mayan Hot Chocolate kicking around, but I never prepare the way you're meant to.  (It's the secret ingredient in my banana bread!)  Pure dark chocolate shavings spiced with ginger, Madagascar vanilla, orange peel and chilis - It bites the back of your throat and makes your head spin.  At their store in Toronto's Distillery District, they serve it as two ounce shots from their fantastic chocolate bar.  At home, one cup of chocolate whisked into half-a-cup of water over medium heat produces the same crazy-decadent liquid chocolate.  

So, I threw it together.  And, understand this: I sold this chocolate so hard.  I told Jeff and Karina that it would be "the greatest taste sensation of their lives".  I was shamefully ceremonious.  With cookies in-hand, we joyfully cheers'd our tiny sauci√®res (two uses in one night!)

But, it seems, by that point, the chocolate-lava had cooled a bit and had become way too thick.  As we poured (expecting it to be glossy and slightly thicker than chocolate syrup) it slammed in a blob against our teeth.  Oh no.  Back to the drawing board.

You can also whisk this melted chocolate into hot milk, creating a more traditional hot cocoa.  I recovered from my chocolate-mishap by returning with Kahlua-spiked cocoa, topped with fresh whipped cream and three little bowls of incredible raspberry sorbet.

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  1. Oh... I thought this was going to be a post about Beyonce... You can imagine my disappointment. (just joshing) I love that you tell this adorable story of trial and mishap all the while brimming with school boy excitement. Truly endearing.