Saturday, January 30, 2010

Island of Women

Jeff and I will spend a week on an island made for us.  An island of women.  Countdown is on. 5 days to go.

I don't have anxiety about the boat ride from mainland Mexico.  Not even about the flight.  It's telling people where we're going and pronouncing that Spanish "j" that has me concerned.  Is that neurotic?

(The hotel we're staying at.  It's like a dream.)


  1. Well, for enjoying such an amazing trip I say you deserve the anxiety about that damn "j"! (He says in the most embarrassing shade of green!)

    Have a nice trip and take LOADS of pictures for us your loyal fans.

  2. We took a boat yesterday from Puerto Ayora to Isabella. 6 people puked. I'm just saying. (We had the good sense to take a gravol before we left - don't leave home without it!)

    Also, met this middle-aged white lady who has lived in T.O for all of her life and pronounced Mexico: "MEH-HEE-KO". I wanted to punch her.

  3. Good advice! I was wondering if I'd puke. I'm kind of a puker.

    You should have punched her. Or pushed her off the boat.

  4. Sometimes I feel like I live on The Island of Misfit Toys. Or that one from Lost.