Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Church of Beef

I had a nice day.  I went to St. Lawrence Market, and (being Thursday afternoon) it was very quiet.  Almost like going into a church on an off-day, empty aisles and space to rome and contemplate . . . dinner.

I stocked our fridge and freezer with all sorts of delicious items, at a fraction of grocery-store prices.  Haste makes waste, as they say, so it was lovely to take my time and consider a week's worth of menus rather than join the hordes of rush-hour-dinner-shoppers.

Green beans, carrots, and fingerling potatoes, fresh herbs and a pile of citrus.  Arctic char and pork chops, a lovely beef tenderloin and four adorable mini filet mignons.  Praise the lord.

The wine: Hands-down, one of our all-time-favourites: Ravenswood Zinfandel, this one a 2007. I love American wine.  The best part of our trip to Florida was all the American wine at Target for like half the price that it is here.  I guess because it's technically imported into Canada, and then whacked with a bunch of puritanical Canadian taxes, it's just cheaper when you're "local".

Whatever the case, when we were there in December, we bought 17 bottles of wine one day.  Because we couldn't not.  Beringers and Sterlings, Columbia Crests and this beautiful Zinfandel for, like, no money.  It was amazing.  It's light enough to eat with seafood or white meats, but also lovely with red meat. Sweet and bright, and $17.95 at your local LCBO.  Or at Target for you boozy Americans.


  1. i can't believe that you eat like this every night. seriously, i want to be your neighbour that lives down the hall and comes by for lovely discussions of design, music & photography over delicious meals & bottles of wine....but alas, i'm not your neighbour.

    so i'll have to just copy down the bottle of wines & recipes you list & eat with howard.

  2. I'm sure this phase will end soon. Though I can't believe I've been cooking every night for two straight weeks!

  3. "At a fraction of grocery store prices" - really? Hmmm, St. Lawrence Market, I must've got you all wrong.

    Thanks for the wine tip - zinfandel is one of my favourite reds, though I don't drink it often (is it just me, or it it hard-ish to find here?)