Sunday, January 17, 2010

200 Words on a Lady

Gaga continues to take the world by storm, appearing this week on Oprah.  The more I think about it, I feel like I've figured out where she fits into music.  Like, pop culturally.

In music, we've seen all kinds of artists. Those who simply entertain (Buddy Holly, Bon Jovi), those who blaze a trail of shock and controversy (Elvis, Madonna) and those who are musicians, who make a statement: stand up for the misfits (Bjork.)

To say Gaga is "today's Madonna", well, that's just not true.

Madonna was never really an outcast. She was the cool girl (self-proclaimed, certainly), the one we idolized, placed high on a pedestal and worshipped. But she was kind of mean to everyone. She was like that bitchy girl in your high school who mesmerized everyone.  We were all blinded by her voodoo-magic, allowed her to make us feel small and wrapped in her power.  She's every charming bully.

Gaga doesn't demand our attention, she simply has it, often against our will.  She captivates and flummoxes.  She's oddly humble; she makes room in our adoration for us to exist.  So, Gaga is Cher. Gaga is Bette Midler. She's Bowie and Elton John, Marilyn Manson, maybe.  Dare I say, she's Kurt Cobain.  She's every quirky music kid who ever existed.  She's nerdy-girl-made-good.  And she's not going anywhere.

(Sub-par photos taken at her concert late last year - Which was amazing!)


  1. That more human, compassionate side was definitely on display on Oprah on Friday. I have the performance and interview ripped on my iPhone- I cant wait to see gaga on Saturday at Radio City. I can only imagine.

    No doubt she'll leave me speechless, so speechless.

  2. Who are you, Sam?
    Of Jamaica, NY??

  3. I really do want a count of how often Oprah is mentioned on this blog.