Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Table For One

Small Space Living Tip #3842: If you share your small space with someone, it's critical you find time to be alone in it. Time to listen to whatever you want to hear, watch something your partner can't stand, dance around to Celine Dion's version of "River Deep, Mountain High" - or whatever.

Jeff and I work in the same industry, so we get it. Some nights I have shows, some nights he does. We have our alone time built-in.

Tonight is one of those nights - Well, actually, one of those days. This morning, I got up early and went to work, leaving Jeff to sleep-in, the entire king-sized bed devoted to his every whim. He had the morning to himself, to poke around the house, get ready at his leisure. And then, later (after he'd gone off to work midday) I came home to an empty apartment, the world my oyster. We'll reconvene just in time to crawl back into our warm sheets, each having had our own day. Perfect.

So, here I am. An icy Tuesday night, all alone. At some point in my workday, I got grilled cheese on the brain. Light rye bread, dense and chewy (and slices small enough that you can justify two sandwiches!) pepper and rosemary sprinkled over the butter before flipping it in the pan. A dead-simple green salad.

And as much as I like scavenging the kitchen and eating over the sink, when you eat by yourself, don't scrimp on the details: Use a plate. Use a cloth napkin. And enjoy the best benefit of a solo supper: finish off that great bottle of wine with no competition.


  1. It was probably (almost) imperceptible all the way up in Canada, but I just died a little.

  2. lol Tommy!

    What a perfect post. It made me smile.

  3. the fact that you use ROSEMARY on your grilled cheese sandwiches and drink WINE while eating one made me like you that much more. ugh, could you be any more likeable!?!?!?!?!

  4. Hah!
    Well, thanks!

    But the point is: Even when it's the little things, do it right. Use your favourite little teak tray, pour a glass of wine (it's ALWAYS time for wine!) and sit with yourself.

  5. I died a little because I now have a table (well, counter) for one in my new apartment, and you're so right. It's akin to saving the "good china" for a special occasion. I don't tend to do that too much, but I also have been a Scrooge about dinners alone.

    You're so right. (I said it again.) Plus, the pictures and text and just everything...gah. Jeff is a lucky, lucky man.

  6. you are my latest blog crush. is that creepy? i don't care. i wanted to go to all the restaurants you posted in t.o. before i left, but couldn't because i was sick. next time!

  7. My heart is swollen.
    Thank you.