Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Right on Target

Aside from sunshine and rudeness, Canada lacks something else: Target stores. Whenever we travel to America, we take the opportunity to hit one up and we're generally pretty impressed. Disposable clothes, cheap toiletries and great home stuff.

When I saw this warm grey windowpane shower curtain, I knew it was just the thing our bathroom needed. It brightened up the whole room (moreso than its predecessor, a chocolate brown suede) and the pattern added much needed depth and interest. And it's just the right kind of masculine.

If you need a change in your bathroom, swap out your curtain; that much fabric will certainly have a major effect on the overall look. Avoid tearing out tiles and replacing fixtures: this will only cost you $24.99!


  1. Not everywhere in the US is rude, mister.

    And that is a smashing shower curtain. I considered for myself when I moved. :) I'm glad you (mostly) enjoyed The States!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. To you too, Tommy!
    Thanks for reading and being so thoughtful.

    (I just meant that Canadians are polite, not that any other place isn't!)

  3. i can't imagine life without target. :)

    great find! i've actually considered ripping out my tile the last few weeks but you maybe onto something-a shower curtain! LOL.

  4. I always hit up Target too! Love it. We seriously need to get one up here.

    I totally agree - swapped out my shower curtain and it made a HUGE difference. Like yours.

  5. Oh I love it! I do need a change in my bathroom, but I think the curtain — as handsome as it is — might clash with the lime green bathtub and gold & gilt vanity.

  6. We have the same tile!
    But yours is nicer.