Sunday, November 15, 2009

These Roving Tastebuds

As a reader pointed out, I do realize this blog is increasingly pornographic, food-wise. But 'tis the season for my most-favourite foods. I find great comfort in eating (thank god for a bossy metabolism) and particularly the foods of autumn and winter: soups, chili, bread, cookies and pies and turkey and potatoes. Red wine and mulled wine and apple cider. Oh my.

Sunday Night Family Dinner with Nick and Natasha continued tonight. And she didn't disappoint, serving up an incredible pizza of figs, blue cheese, and onions. Fresh, strong wedges of garlic. A pesto sauce. Incredible.

She followed it up with a hearty, perfect-for-November lentil soup. Carrots and celery and chunks of kielbasa in a broth she made from the roast chicken we had last week. Served with fresh grated parmesan, it was heaven.

Natasha is also getting right into the Christmas spirit, at least as far as decor goes. She's added hits of silver and pine cones and gorgeous greenery. The whole apartment feels warm and festive, rich with textures.

And there's no better way to follow-up a wonderful meal than with repeats of 30 Rock. I hope you're all spending quiet, comfortable time with the ones you love.

Coming up soon: Recipes for all of Natasha's food (though I'm trying to get her to start a blog!) and a house tour of the beautiful apartment she and Nick share.


  1. This is all delicious. You have special things going on in life. It's wonderful. And yes to the ideas for Natasha! (Do it, friend!)

  2. awesome.
    glad the recipes are coming.

  3. Oh you... what, with your fantastic friends, dashing boyfriend, adorable weekend house, wicked talent for writing and photographing and cooking and decorating and.... well, if I weren't such a secure person I'm sure I could be quite envious. Thank God for my staunch sense of self-esteem. : )

  4. before reading your last line 'recipes coming' i was going to say:

    "i WILL boycott your blog until you post receipes. haha joking."

    but seriously - she should start a food blog. she could be the next orangette...

  5. I know!
    I think I'm breaking her down - She's about to get a new Mac, so she'll be super-inspired!

  6. Now THIS woman cooks like a REAL Italian! Fresh, wonderfully surprising ingredients with balancing flavours. Grating parmegiano and drizzling olive oil onto a bowl of soup is something I have only seen in Italy...and my kitchen thanks to my travel influences!! We should all eat like this as much as possible.
    I only wish my metabolism were as bossy as yours ;)