Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Natasha made the most amazing dinner last night. A rustic roast chicken with carrots and potatoes with creamed spinach. Oh. my. god.

She is far and away the greatest cook I know: she comes from a long line of Italian and Polish ladies who have the culinary arts in their bones. Every meal she makes is from scratch. Like, real scratch. No sign of anything but raw ingredients. If she had some agricultural space, she'd grow her own everything too. She's also the only person I can share a kitchen with. She and I can circle each other effortlessly, one slicing and dicing, the other seasoning and stirring.

Coming up soon: A house tour of the apartment she shares with her husband Nick. They live with such style, just you wait.


  1. Holy sweet JESUS, that looks delicious!

    The food photography is luscious, and the non-food details (the grease-stained cookbook and the G & T fixins) evoke warmth, comfort, and fun.

  2. I thought the SAME THING about the grease! Natasha's recipes aren't precious - Mostly tear-sheets and folders full of stuff she's discovered in random magazines (God bless the LCBO!)

  3. this looks incredible, i'd love to know how she made it

  4. delicious and well photographed. i enjoy reading about your close friendship with natasha and nick. it's good to have good ppl in your life esp when they are only a few blocks away.

  5. seriously this looks amazing! i would love to give it a try. please post the recipe when/if you can

  6. I should hire her out.
    Take a cut.
    Be her food-pimp.