Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Something happened recently that I haven't been able to put into exact words.  Once in a while you'll serendipitously meet someone who has a real affect.

One month ago a lanky guy named Christopher Sherman appeared out of nowhere when über-blogger Tavi Gevinson had a speaking engagement at the venue where I work.  We hit it off immediately, it was hard to explain: something like falling in love (See: Jessica, 2008), really, we marveled at how it felt like we'd known each other forever, yet it had been no time at all.  I mean, it's still only been 30 days.

It feels like we were best friends as children, a shared history or something, like a cosmic reunion.  I'm still not entirely convinced we aren't brothers.

So, we met, we talked, we drank gin.  We were on the same page aesthetically, talked about branding and style and taste. We talked about blogs and image and all the things I've been thinking so much about lately.  It was a bizarre level of synchronization, right down to wearing the same shirt to lunch.

A couple of days into our fast-friendship, Sherms (I call him Sherms) asked me if I'd shoot the lookbook and campaign for the line of bowties he designs.  What?  Would I?  I'd been thinking about reconsidering my photography training, perhaps finding a way to use it that would inspire and interest me, and this was exactly what I didn't know I wanted to be doing.  I've been buzzing in the weeks since his flattering request.

So, not only have I found a great new friend, but I had the pleasure of shooting photos of his new collection. The ties are beautiful.  Inspired by American classics and artists, his 9 designs are individually handcrafted, from denim and grey jogging-pant-jersey to olive wool, leftover from actual military uniform production, bolts of which he found outside of town in a dusty old place.  Serendipity, indeed.

Christopher Sherman (bow ties) 2010


  1. i love a good bowtie... and these are just perfect. i want to buy all of them for alex.

  2. Oh my God. This looks like a match made in heaven. Those bowties are so, so great.

  3. There's nothing quite like finding a fabulous friend with great taste.

  4. Beautiful photos, J.

    It's always so inspiring to truly connect with a new friend.

  5. I love friendships like that! I met my best friend on a dancefloor where we were both doing jane fonda workout moves....the rest is history!

    and i love these bowties, i think I'm going to get the light grey one, parfait for fall!

  6. great story...some of the best friendships come from the unexpected places. Love the photos. you are def talented photographer

  7. Excellent!! He seems like a really cool guy.

  8. GORGEOUS! While I don't think I can pull off a bowtie, this shoot makes me think I should reconsider.

    I hope this fabulous shoot inspires many more of the same.

  9. Your words beautifully capture the feeling of meeting a new friend that doesn't feel like a new friend but rather an old, great friend. Great bows, esp. the grey option. Also, that shot of the floorboards? There's something intriguing about it's simplicity.