Thursday, November 19, 2009

School Me

I was a good student. I liked going to school. I hugged my teachers as long as was socially acceptable. All in all, the idea of school holds mostly positive memories. Which surprises me, really, considering the amount of bullying I withstood. From as early as I can remember until the end of Grade 9, I was tormented by an assortment of boys. And not in a good way.

After that, I settled nicely into the comfort and safety of the Music Department where I was, in relative terms, extremely cool. My best friend Sandi and I rose the ranks and eventually led the department, socially, by way of the Music Council. Like Student Council. For nerds.

This morning Sandi took me for a belated-birthday-brunch at a newish place in Liberty Village. It's called, aptly, School. It's a charming little cafe in, what looks like, a reclaimed auto-shop. They are wholly devoted to their theme, with more academic tchotches than most modern-day underfunded innercity schools.

It's such a neat spot. Matte black paint everywhere, chalkboard-style. A "film strip" on a big screen humming in the background. Great fixtures and chairs and high ceilings.

At first, I thought we'd stepped into Hipster Central - a place for the too-cool-for-school type, but the service was excellent and attentive, friendly and easygoing. The menu is fastened to a clipboard and the rich, gut-rotting coffee is served in giant mugs, rather than can-I-get-a-refill diner cups.

We both got the standard breakfast plate, which was just that: nothing particularly mind-blowing, though the sweet potato hashbrowns were a nice touch. A table nearby ordered a platter of tastes from the waffles and pancakes menu which looked incredible. Our server noted that he just threw it together for them. I like a restaurant that isn't married to its menu.

This was a case of sum total dining: Though our particular choices weren't groundbreaking, the atmosphere and service made the whole thing fun and kitschy. A red delicious apple at each setting and the bill tucked into a cute Progress Report envelope threw everything over the top cute-city.


  1. I do freelance PR work for a lady who works right around the corner from School. I stopped in once and thought it was very clever. Loved all the little details that pulled the 'school theme' together.

  2. Its absolutely fantastic. Beautiful photos!

  3. "Like student council. For nerds."

    Haha - so true!

  4. I NEED that lens! Your photos are stunning.

  5. This is my regular lens.
    ALL Photoshop trickery this time. ;)