Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Restaurant Watch: Osteria ciceri e tria

Osteria ciceri e tria (Osteria, if you don't that kind of time) is a fantastic little restaurant on Victoria Street. Their menu is lean and bossy, much like its mother ship, the three Terroni locations across Toronto. It's important to give in to the whims of the oste (host, chef) and take the recommendations of the servers. They have a giant wallet-friendly wine list (sourced by and unique to the restaurant) and the atmosphere is loose and relaxed. Big harvest tables and industrial-chic stools, ultra-cool lighting fixtures. So worth a visit.

Dinner for two, with wine and dessert: $150

(I had this delicious maccheroni with braised short ribs and pecorino cheese in a beauuuuutiful tomato sauce. Good lord. Taken with my iPhone.)


  1. So the menu appealed because it was 'lean and bossy?' The joke almost makes itself...

  2. On another note: DROOL! Clearly it's Food Porn Week on 'These Roving Eyes'.

    If you & Jeff are looking for more rustic-yet-refined Italian food, I recommend Tutti Matti (364 Adelaide W). I had pinci with mushrooms and sausage (earthy!) and a chickpea crepe filled with cheese and truffle honey that I ordered mainly because it was called 'faggotini'.