Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ra Ra Ah Ah Ah Roma Ro Mama

I feel like I have things to say about Lady Gaga. I've become obsessed with everything about her. I think she's beautiful and kind of interesting. Her video for "Bad Romance" is incredible and an old school feat of music video production.

I'm being effusive, I know. But I'm . . . fascinated.

(Gaga in her new video, "Bad Romance")

UPDATE: We're seeing Lady Gaga on Saturday! OMG.


  1. Say it ain't so... and all this time I thought you had such great taste! Just yankin' your franklin of course! I have to admit that I know zilch about the "lady". I'm generally full of tom snobbery. I have never listed to or even seen her (other than a few tragic photos in rag mags). When something, or someone, becomes super sensationalized in the media (Lady Gaga, anything vampire related, etc.) I tend to shy away from it / her. But, having said that, you have never steered me in the wrong direction. Maybe I should give Gaga a chance.... maybe.

  2. She is Madonna Nouveau and I love her crazy ass.

    Bad Romance is such a delicious throw-back to Eastern European club sounds from the late 80s and early 90s. In an interview recently she indicated the video setting is reminiscent of a Russian bath house. There are underlying elements of human trafficking. Tragic and fabulous, the juxtaposition makes my heart break.

    I say get down with your bad Gaga self.

  3. i've recently become pretty into her too. her live performances are incredible. hard to take your eyes off her! and she's actually talented. like, she can SING and plays the piano really well. imagine that! a talented entertainer in 2009. wow.

  4. I agree with Vanessa, she's the closest we've come to a new Madonna. I still think she's a bit of a pretentious twit, but I think that could be because she's young, restlessly creative, and still in search of her voice.

    Scott: "yankin' your franklin" = amazing. Never heard it before. Will surely re-use.

  5. She can actually sing! And she has played piano since the age of four. She went to Juilliard!

    And she's insane.
    Talented + Insane = Amazing, in many cases.

    Get on board, Fazzini.

  6. I couldn't be more apologetic, kids. You've made it painfully obvious that I am completely out of touch, and need to hop on the Gaga bandwagon. Maybe I should add a little Gaga to my Thanksgiving soundtrack for this evenings festivities. ..

  7. Are you going with a Gay Nightclub theme? Cuz it might not be appropriate.

    Save her for snappy walks to the market or the gym or cocktails and low-lighting.

  8. Thanks, J. That could have been a close call.

  9. Haha. No problem. I'm here for you.

  10. You all are killin' me softly.

  11. The Globe and Mail's senior music critic just wrote a fascinating piece on Lady Gaga's image - it's worth checking out.

  12. I have to admit, I have been really obsessed with her lately too.

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