Monday, November 16, 2009

Not So Fast

On November 1st I wrote about the view from our apartment. Leaves were falling quickly at that point, the initial drop so drastic. But they seem to have slowed a little. Or perhaps I've adjusted to the shift, my focus drifting from the shock of autumn's end and letting go of the notion that we might skip winter and go straight back to spring.

I've been noticing, though, that three weeks later (the light colder and much lower in the sky) some leaves are still clinging to the hope.


  1. I love these shots. They're very Mister Rogers.

    (Do you know him in Canada? If not, then this won't make much sense.)

  2. Of course!
    One of my favourites!

    In fact:

    I wrote about it.

  3. How do you get this "Mr. Rogers" effect? I thought they were photos of a model at first. Love it!