Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Fashion Roundup

There's always a strong correlation between decorative style and personal style - it's easier to spot in some than others, but it's usually no accident that people who wear big hats and florals can't seem to let go of their balloon valances.

My own style varies throughout the year. I tend to get pretty lazy when the seasons are at their extreme (who wants to worry about dressing when it's 40°C or wet and cold?) but I go full-tilt in the spring and fall. In this climate, it's our brief chance to pull out our suede shoes and our mid-season coats, to layer-up and accessorize.

I like simple clothes, clean lines, well-fitted. I like being comfortable. Sometimes I like wearing my most basic items with my most flamboyant shoes. Or socks. I think I always liked classic clothes (an 8-year old me in suspenders). There were periods when I wore nothing but dress clothes, and years of the black T-shirt and jeans thing. Now I tend to wear a culmination of all my style-eras.

This fall I'm wearing sweaters and jeans and more colour than I'm used to. I like a chunky sweater (I call them my Bing Crosby sweaters) and a slim pant. I've been big into chambray since springtime. I have ties and shirts and even a vest. Tucked, untucked, casual, dressed-up. It's classic and a bit throwbacky. Comfortable and easy.

A tour of my closet tends to look a lot like a tour of my house. Pops of colour, textures, and mostly-classic elements. Does your closet reflect your home?


  1. If you convert all of these shots to black and white, you essentially have my entire closet covered.

  2. Add a little colour to your life, Jory.

  3. Exactly! My style is fairly classic and modern at the same time. It's completely true that the wardrobe coordinates with the interior design. :) Good point.

  4. It's never quite been exact for me; if I decorated in my best colours, my living space would be an assault of black-and-white-and-red-all-over.

    Jason: I love your choice of hues. They create a space that is at once and cosy and luxe.

  5. i wish i could mix my style up a bit...im in the black t-shirt/jean phase with a fierce shoe...and for work conservative with wacky hair.

  6. I'm in love with you and your blog. I can't believe I'm only checking it out now! You are AMAZING! (and ps: I know where you live! Your latest pics of the leaves clinging to the trees, is a pick of my old Rye High backyard days :)

  7. Haha!
    Thanks for writing, Rude Prude.
    (You're not so rude.)