Monday, November 2, 2009


You've almost seen it all. What's left are a couple of closets and our 8x4-foot bathroom. It might be tiny, but it's functional.

Part of the reason we bought this apartment is because the finishes are simple and adaptable: no bossy cabinetry or tile work to be found here or in the kitchen.

With lots of storage, the bathroom features white tile on the floor, slate grey on the walls, dark walnut cabinets and simple brushed nickel pulls. I tossed in lots of mustard yellow towels and a chocolate brown shower curtain. Like the rest of our apartment, the bathroom strives for masculinity mixed with faggetyness.


  1. This latest set of posts is like a cup of hot chocolate on a blustery day - soothing, comforting, warm...and a source of quiet contemplation.