Monday, October 26, 2009

These Roving Bedroom Eyes

You haven't seen every nook and cranny of our 613 square foot apartment. And it's not because they aren't finished. You see, it's difficult to photograph rooms that are as tiny as our bathroom and bedroom. No way to position a camera or a tripod to do it any justice.

Below is a glimpse of our bedroom, an image I had to splice together out of several shots. The room is 10x9 (does that actually qualify as a room?) and is nearly completely filled by our king size bed. We weren't willing to downsize that and the last thing our small space needs is another queen! Ba-dum-bum chhh!

The wall at the head of our bed is painted a deep greyed-down purple, mirroring the drapes in the living room. Simple roller blinds in an oatmeal linen (with blackout lining) cover the wall of windows.

Because the room is so small, we kept it completely simple: bed, side tables, lamps. No muss, no fuss. Nothing on display, no artwork, no extraneous furniture. When the blinds are open, the city is filled with interesting things to gaze down upon. And while our living space is chock-full of all our worldly possessions, layered and cozy, the bedroom is clean and tidy, downright minimalist.

My favourite part of the room has got to be the lighting. Our beautiful marble lamps flank our bedsides and we found the ceiling fixture a small town second-hand store ($2!) is just the right hit of feminine in our masculine digs. It was probably meant to be hung in a foyer or a stairwell, but we loved the iridescent finish on the globe, the oily purple playing well with the wall. On yet another dimmer, it adds a lovely softness. Full Disclosure: Jeff found the beauty in a pile, so I can't take all the credit.


  1. Great light. What a gem. Do you have ample storage in your small place? I live in a 100 year old small victorian and while your square footage is smaller, I am sure you have killer closets.

  2. It really goes to show what you can find for $2 at random stores. Gotta have your eyes peeled all the time!

    We do not have killer closets. A very small "walk-in" in the bedroom (on the wall opposite the windows, not photographed) and a very tiny front hall closet.

    We turned the "den" (about 40 square feet) into a butler's pantry, with floor-to-ceiling metro shelving and closet rods which houses all my clothes and so much more. When I find a way to photograph it, I will!