Monday, October 26, 2009

Hibernation Nation

Though it's bright and sunny today in Toronto, I can't help but feel the seasonal shift in my bones. On this day off, I want to curl up on the couch and channel surf, or partake in a bit of nesting by way of running a vacuum through the apartment, or perhaps baking a banana bread, the feel of the ingredients coming together so comforting and satisfying.

We've lived in our new apartment for five months. The upcoming cold season will be our first in such small quarters. No escape. Even the refuge of the balcony seems as welcoming as a walk across Siberia, the wind up here severe and unrelenting. All this means is that, now more than ever, we need to be comfortable and organized. Every inch must make us smile, and we must employ all tactics to keep our home from becoming overrun with the clutter and chattels of lazy-winter.


  1. Thank you for the look into your home. I always love your decorating style. Very stylish but comfortable and inviting.

  2. Thanks, Dawn Marie!
    With such a small space, I had to find a way to make it cozy and comfortable, and appropriate for ALL parts of our lives. We love hosting cocktail parties as much as we love three unshowered days of watching movies, so it was important to function both ways. And it does! Success!

  3. 1. I love that couch - did I miss the post where you explained where that came from? Is it recovered or new? I don't remember it.
    2. Vintage editions of Shakespeare - LOVE!

  4. Here's the couch post:

    Yeah, those Shakespeares are Jeff's. He's had them in his family for a long time. So pretty.

  5. perfect. I love all the antiques and your eclecticism.

  6. so beautifully photographed (and decorated of course!) love the mix of modern and vintage - perfection!

  7. I love everything--just everything, I think. And I'm so glad that you're back on the blog train.

  8. Thanks everyone!
    Tommy, I love your "I love everything, I think." I think! Haha.

  9. 5 months...hard to believe b/c it looks complete. Excellent job. I wouldn't change anything. It was worth the wait. Thanks for the tour.

  10. Seriously, Jason. I was super happy with my house till I saw these shots... its so warm and inviting looking. I bet it's going to be the most inviting nest once winter hits.

    And that palette! Every square inch looks so perfect together.

  11. Aw, thanks Thomas!
    Feels longer, for sure.

    Jory - I'm sure your nest is equally inviting. Blog about it!! I wanna seeeee. Thanks for the note - Your opinion is seriously valued.

  12. *droooooooooooooooooooooooooool*

    Your blog is fun too. I'm not as bitter in person as my blog makes me out to be. And my tastes aren't as sophisticated and elegant as yours.

    I'm ashamed!

    Anyway, nice stuff going on here.

  13. Ugh, I can't stop looking at this. You live the life I wish I had the energy to live.

    You have Italian mocs on the floor, I have a copy of Butt Book.

    That seriously is my dream living room.

  14. But I really don't put much energy into it. I mean, it's 600 sq feet. Teensy!

    And those so-called "Italian mocs" are from Wal-mart. $12.

    But thanks - SUCH a nice compliment.

  15. Very Nice Jay!
    Gram has told me that she thinks your place looks amazing so I had to come on to see it for myself!
    One day I might get to see it in person.