Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back to My Roots

It's fall. Leaves are changing, nights are cold, and I'm hankering for carbs. But we're still in that seasonal honeymoon phase: where the excitement of pulling out cozy sweaters and reacquainting with nutmeg and red wine outweighs the terror of what's to come: ice and snow and misery.

Autumn makes me think of knitwear and baked goods and potatoes. Makes me want to curl up with a slew of neglected TV-on-DVD's and my handsome love. It makes me want pasta and corduroy and songs dripping with sadness. I want to pull out my Sarah Harmer albums and put on an apron. I want peanut butter cookies.

Here's a recipe for some amazing root chips I made recently. Not so much a recipe, I guess, as some steps to producing your very own crunchy little chips.

Root Chips

1) I used Yukon gold potatoes, small purple potatoes, and purple and golden beets. Using a mandolin, slice your root vegetables very thinly and evenly. Less than an eighth of an inch, if you can.

2) Heat a liter or two of vegetable oil in a pot on the stove.

3) Drop several sliced vegetables into the oil and cook until they are crispy. Transfer them to a bowl or cookie sheet lined with paper towels and salt generously. Eat them. So good. And a high-impact addition to any movie night or casual event.

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  1. i need to do this immediately. tonight is so cold!!!