Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One Week Down, A Lifetime to Go

We just spent a wonderful extended-week at our new cottage. I showered just one time in 10 days (I'm shockingly low-maintenance, I'll have you know!) and didn't put as much as a comb through my hair. I love it.

As I mentioned, its water-access-only, so came fully furnished, right down to a spankin'-new coffee maker. Most people aren't willing to schlep things across the lake, so we made out like bandits. That said, with all the neat little treasures (amazing servingware, soft old towels, and handy small appliances) came a whole lot of junk too. We spent quite a bit of time thinning it out, filling many-a-boatload, with our sights set on the local dump.

We also spent many hours doing next to nothing. The following activities proved to be highly-enjoyable, day after day after day:

1) Drinking.

2) Sitting on a large, inflatable lounger in the lake, tethered to the dock.

3) Huddling in our Muskoka Room, the whole house dark, watching a grade-A lightning storm.

4) Hitting up a very local antique shop in Torrance where we found a set of 6 old chairs, made of oak or maple, their white paint chipped and faded in all the right places. They are the perfect kind of country, reminding me of any number of family Christmases with my Grandma. At $200 for the set, they work perfectly with the harvest table we already had. They made the Muskoka Room my favourite part of the whole house.

5) Sleeping in the fresh, clean air of our bunkie, the waves crashing right up underneath it.

6) And cruising across the lake in our tiny tin boat.

(Clockwise from top left: The view from our new table, our new table, and us on the lake.)


  1. ugh, it's so beautiful it hurts. i love you guys.

    but not in a creepy way, of course.

  2. Ughhh Jason. You guys are killing me, I am so jealous. This blog is becoming a clearinghouse for all the reasons I want to move to Canada.

    Those chairs are genius, and in that setting, doubly so.

  3. Oh I'm SO JEALOUS! It all sounds wonderful.

  4. Everything is splendidly good. I'm sure you miss it right about now.

  5. The chairs are darling, the table is great, the lake looks beautiful, and you boys are dreamy! I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!