Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Currently Out of the Office

We are 4 days (of 10!) blissfully off the radar, but comfortably on the grid. We are working away making the cottage our own, organizing kitchen cupboards and dresser drawers (me), digging firepits and stacking wood (Jeff).

The weather has been . . . moist. But with so much to do and fueled entirely on the excitement of a new place on a beautiful lake, it hasn't really bothered us too much. Though we wish we were 3 shades more tan and ten degrees warmer, the weather has encouraged household tasks rather than lakeside binge-drinking.

Speaking of, in the interest of gin, I'll hastily end this post.

(The lake at 8:30PM tonight.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Matters

I'll blog more later, but wanted to give a Billy Jr. update.  Look at this face!

This weekend was a strange mix of emotions - On Sunday we visited this little guy and his big sister, then headed to pastoral South Western Ontario for a funeral.  Not all gloom and doom, we got to spend time with my family, particularly our nephews Jack and Ben.  More photos to follow.  

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Our family got officially bigger as of 5:45PM this afternoon. William Carter Patterson was born weighing in just this side of 9lbs and quiet as a mouse. As far as we can figure out, little Billy Jr. is the sixth William in the lineage, putting just the right kinda pressure on the little guy, straight out of the gate.

So far he has one of those perma-grump faces, a little scowl tucked between his tiny brows. He slept the entire time we visited, which allowed me to click away, a nice slow shutter speed to catch all the gorgeous hospital light. He's perfect.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On Retracting Thoughts and Feelings

Much to my own surprise, I haven't been able to stop thinking about Michael Jackson.  For the last many years, I've been in the anti camp.  Fodder for off-colour jokes above all else, I wrote him off as an egomaniacal sociopath who obviously did inappropriate things to children.  He'd become a mockery of himself and, as a friend succinctly put it, I too started mourning the death of MJ when Macaulay left the ranch.

But with all the retrospectives, cover stories, and rubber necking since, I've shifted.  I hear his songs differently, really noticing his immeasurable talent.  I'm overwhelmed by the memories of his lavish music videos and incredible live performances.  I am, after all, a product of the 90s when morphing faces and duets with Janet were a total BFD.  

I re-watched the now-classic Oprah interview from 1993 and the infamous Martin Bashir debacle that followed a decade later.  In the former, he reads as a charming and stunted man-child, loveable and fragile.  When Oprah asks him to sing her a little something he does, and brilliantly, and then crumples into shyness - and it's genuine.  In the latter he has become something altogether different, a jittery and erratic lunatic, what with Jesus Juice, baby-dangling and obvious drug dependencies.  But instead of seeming "wacko", it's just deeply sad.  He was a man who had very clear psychological and developmental issues, one who epitomized the child star.  And it would appear no one in his real life cared enough to take care of him.  

He was a person thrown to the wolves at every turn.  From childhood backstage beatings to tabloid culture run amok.  He didn't really stand a chance, did he?