Friday, June 19, 2009

Table for Two

I was discussing small-space living with a colleague today - She's having the same debate we had: to dine, or not to dine.  How can you have it all, graciously?  In typical downtown condos, the plans suggest a full-size dining area, a living area, and a breakfast bar can be crammed into less than 400 square feet.  Well, that's not exactly true, is it?  

When in the preliminary planning of our space, I eliminated the "dining room" portion of our living area.  I thought it more important to max-out our cozy-space, rather than eke out a portion as dedicated dining.  We do far more lounging than we do eating, after all,  so that made sense.  

But a little Craigslisting changed all that - I found (for a measly $25) a fantastic marble-topped bistro table.  It's plenty large enough for the two of us to dine, but small enough to leave plenty of living room.  It's also a great place to lay out appetizers at a party or sit to do a bit of computing.  I'm glad this option presented itself.  I think I'd be annoyed if I had to mount a stool and saddle up to the counter every time I needed a stable surface.  If you live in a small space, consider making room for dining.  Even if your table is the size of a placemat, I think you'll be happy you have it.


  1. You are absolutely right, as usual. I also just made the leap to a much smaller living space and didn't allow space for dining -at first. I found myself quickly tiring of breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed. So, I added a little table that I use as a center table until I need it for dining.


    Post script: Ryan Rynolds Schmyan Schnolds he's nothing compared to your new pics!

  2. Ha!
    I'm flattered, I assure you.
    But Ryan Reynolds is a dream.

    As an addendum to my post, another reason I'm glad we went with the small table is because, hey, if I put some work into a meal, it should be enjoyed properly and in the comfort of a dining chair - right?

  3. For ME the "eating" moment is too important to avoid a table as big as possible.
    Maybe because I have often people at home for lunch or dinner (and I love it). We spend almost all the time around the table...eating, drinking, chatting.
    I can't think my home with no dining area. In this, I guess, I'm so Italian.
    And my home is small.

  4. i love the laptop. go apple!