Wednesday, June 10, 2009

See You In September . . .

Well, it's official. We just bought a cottage on 9 Mile Lake in the Muskokas. Thanks to the current owner's imminent divorce, we scored a hasty deal and will close on July 22.  Afterall, riding the wave of other people's sorrow is what real estate is all about!

It will be a good old fashioned family cottage. We'll spend weekends together in kindred bliss. And it's perfect. It sits on a giant rock just meters from the water's edge. Luckily it was built back in the good old days when no one cared; new legislation restricting coastal building would definitely deny this, and even moreso our adorable little bunky on the water. Jeff and I have already staked our claim over this guy - It's practically the size of our apartment and we can pee off the dock! Score! (Not to mention, it's perfect for escaping the aforementioned "bliss" when necessary!)

The 200+ feet of frontage is water-access only (AKA: Our price range!) making it private and inaccessible to anyone without a boat - So no unexpected drop-ins! The main house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a giant kitchen with ridiculous views and a cozy living room complete with an absolute must: a bar! There's a screened-in porch that we'll turn into a giant dining room and a big deck outside. There's a perfect place to put a water slide and a diving board too. Out back there's a nice, flat grassy spot to pitch tents or put a badminton net. All-in-all, it's a dream. Clean, but not prissy. Remote, but not creepy. Cozy, but not tiny.

Jeff's brother took on the negotiating, and naturally, I'll take care of the decorating. When water-access only, cottages typically come fully furnished as shipping to-and-from an island becomes a hassle. The whole place is stocked with shabby-chic 70s furniture which I plan to go with. You gotta work with what you've got!  And while the fundamentals are already in-place, there's much to do!

I want family photos everywhere, gallery walls out the wahzoo. I want the place to sleep more people than Paris Hilton's vagina, so we'll make every couch a pull-out. I want cozy throws and cushy pillows. New bedding in all the bright colours I'd never normally use and great little country curtains. Snappy outdoor furniture made for whiling away the hours with an issue of Esquire.   I want to paint the shutters and doors in something eye-catching, prompting people to say: "You know, the cottage on the lake with the cobalt blue shutters!" I want it to be easy and durable and, most of all, turn-key. After 2.5 hours in the car followed by a boat ride across the lake, I want to stash my perishables, mix a mojito and sit on my ass for 48 hours a week. No fuss, no muss!

You're all invited, so snag your cutest bathing suit and your bug spray!   And forgive me if I don't update until the weather turns cold.  

(Photos by me.)


  1. OH MY. I am so jealous. It looks gorgeous. Congratulations.

    I love your posts on you new place, you inspired me to do one on my new living room decoration.

    Have a look (and if you have any tips let me know):

  2. Holy shit! That place looks SO AMAZING.

  3. OMG how perfect! please don't let us wait until september for more updates!!!!

  4. This is awesome news! Congratulations! I love everything about it, except the possibility of way fewer blog updates. Please don't say it.

  5. you'll be sorry that you extended that gracious invitation! I'll be there every weekend, and especially in the Fall -- even if only in my mind! Congratulations - a new home and weekend retreat in the same year! I want to be on Jasons succession plan!

  6. Congratulations! It looks incredible!

  7. Thanks for the invitation!
    Maybe too far (from here) for a w.e. but...
    Anyway congratulations, it looks so lovely

  8. that looks so great! i love that 70s look, it is my fave. I want my apartment to look like that!

  9. Thanks, everyone!
    We can't wait to get up there.

    I just hope we don't run into any psychopathic murderers in the woods.

  10. Congratulations! What a beautiful location.

  11. Amazing! What a perfect retreat - you are very lucky. We just bought a vacation cabin as well but it isn't right on the water. This is breathtaking.

  12. I love this post...for a lot of reasons. One, because I've been there and I like having the real life context to match to your words. Two, because it's interesting to read about your plans for the place--how time changes ideas and separates what you imagine and what will ultimately be. It's an interesting mix in 2009. Lots of planning for the future. 2008 felt like a lot of reflecting on the past. Ebbs and flows.