Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now We're Cookin'

I've never had a kitchen I really like being in.  Not even when I was a kid.  They've always been adequate and appropriate, but never functional and pretty.  Well, this one is a step ahead, simply because I can be in the kitchen while being in every other part of the house too.  I like that.  Mixing drinks or making dinner while still participating in the party.

Our whole condo is just 600 square feet, so a kitchen this size feels big.  There's plenty of cupboard and counter space, a perfect work-triangle, and something else: Room for decorative items!  

There's a narrow little strip along the back, not really large enough to use for prep, but perfect for displaying photos or glassware.  I've always been one to stow everything away - I hate glass-fronted cabinets, for example.  But, suddenly I like the idea of letting it all hang out.  That nook where the teak salad bowls are?  Well, perhaps every once in a while I'll change that out, filling it instead with ceramics or coffee mugs or stainless steel mixing bowls.  Who knows!  While a white kitchen was never on my dream list, it's working for me.  As soon as we replace the awful melamine counter!  


  1. I'm the opposite - I've always been about putting EVERYTHING on display. Books should be sprawled out on the coffee table, everything should be in glass jars on the counter, stacks of stuff spilling everywhere. Now I find myself maniacally trying to put everything in boxes that will tuck away on bottom shelves and under beds.

  2. I'm sort of middle of the road on this. In the bathroom, for example, I like having a clear apothecary-style canister for Q-tips, but leaving out the toothpaste is a no-no. It really depends on the look I'm going for and whether something is practical while being aesthetically pleasing. Awesome kitchen!

  3. Oh god! Never products! I'm talking like bowls glassware and fruit and perhaps a stylish small appliance. Never, like, a box of Triscuits. Haha!

  4. You love the concept of "changing things out" ;)