Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Having Contractions

No matter how small the renovation, they seem always to come with giant headaches. Many of our original plans have been systematically scaled-back or, in some cases, eliminated altogether. Turns out there was some critical electrical wiring in the walls of the small entry-closet, so that can't be (easily) removed. Also turns out the cheap, throw-it-up condo walls can't handle the weight of the salvaged doors we scored at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, so back to the drawing board there, too. It's a shame, but it makes you step back and consider: Is this our dream home? Is it worth the trouble, time, and money to make changes to something we'll only live in for a short time? In all cases, the answer is no. So, make it work, but don't invest too much. If the changes won't reap financial rewards upon resale, it's probably best to leave it alone.

So, we went ahead and tiled the front entrance and the "den" (our future butler's pantry) and it looks fantastic. I'm a big fan of dedicated entry-space, and tiling it really created a distinct foyer. Painting is well underway, with Benjamin Moore CC530 (Brandon Beige) on one wall, complete with a tone-on-tone striped effect, and Benjamin Moore CC 520 (Florentine Plaster) on all others. Trim will be a lovely warm white. Losing all those builder's white walls has really changed the mood of the place. Pictures forthcoming!

We went ahead and swapped out the awful mirrored closet doors in the front hall - Replacing with simple bifolds has really helped us hate that tiny closet a lot less. Now it blends in and looks much more substantial. We also had our contractor rebuild the doorframe into our bedroom, so now the door opens out, rather than in. It's a bit counter-intuitive and looks mildly odd opening into the hallway, but when we have guests, the door will be closed anyway. Well-worth garnering us much-needed square footage in our 9X10 foot room.

Anyway. We move out of our house on Friday, so no matter what the state of our apartment, we're inhabiting it in just two days. This room (designed by Queer Eye's Tom Filicia) caught my eye on Apartment Therapy - What beautiful and spare use of colour. That mustard stool/table thing is gorgeous and that painting! I can only hope our space will have the same warmth, comfort and sophistication.


  1. I love a lot of the stuff in that photo. That painting, that chair, that other chair.. mm. Happy moving!