Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Friday

Today I had my family over for brunch.  My parents were in town to see Willie Nelson at Massey Hall and it was a great chance to sit down and break toast.  

I like few things more than setting a table.  Like decorating a house, I think it's important to love every element.  If you have strong personal style (and every piece of the puzzle makes you smile) chances are the whole table or room or whathaveyou will go together.  Below I've mixed vintage teak salad bowls with white Ikea plates with Jeff's family silver set.  A mish mash of glassware rounds it out, including the swirly-damaskesque tumblers and low-slung, slim green quasi-champagne flutes we used for white wine.  Fresh flowers are a must.  I put out two sets of salt+peppers (how could I choose?) and my favourite woven napkins.  The whole thing was springy and fresh.  Jeff wonders why I collect so much stuff, and it's because I just can't not.

Fennel, Green Apple and Carrot Salad

Slice a bulb of fennel, a Granny Smith apple, and several carrots into lovely little matchsticks.  Add in a bit of red onion (perhaps a third of a small one).  Chop some dill and throw that in too.  Coat lightly in lemon juice to keep the apple from oxidizing and prepare your dressing.  Squeeze a couple of navel oranges into a third of a cup (or so) of olive oil.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Shake in a container to emulsify.  Pour over the sliced bits immediately before serving.  Best served very cold.  It's like coleslaw and perfect for a light brunch or an afternoon BBQ.  


  1. It looks lovely. I love creative table settings. I am from a large extended Italian family so it seems we do a lot of buffet style get togethers. I need to do a smaller venue of people so I get to play with table scapes. I am excited for details of the new place. Sounds like it is going to be fabulous.

  2. How many dishes and glasses and napkins do you HAVE?!