Monday, April 6, 2009

UPDATE: Face Down on the FLOR

Today we went to our local FLOR dealer, Neat, on Queen Street West.  They carry samples of every single FLOR carpet option and facilitate the order for you.  Like those childhood days of choosing items from the Sears catalogue, this was a bit nerve-wracking, but exciting too.

While flipping through their pamphlet I spotted the House Pet line, which looks to me like a synthetic hide.  It's a bit rough to the touch, like the pelt of a short-haired pony, but durable and variegated and more interesting than a one-toned wool rug.

We chose the two colours below, one a lovely neutral beige and the other a teak-like orangey-brown.  Since accepting the fact that our new sofa verges thoroughly into the blue family, orange tones have become increasingly appropriate.   Using their online "configurator" I laid out the example below, a random smattering of tiles making them look a bit pixelated.  The world is our oyster, and we'll decide on an official plan when we move in (34 days!), be it stripes, a checkerboard, or something else altogether.  FLOR carpet tiles can be cut and manipulated so many ways! 

UPDATE: Late last night we set-up our living room the way it will appear in our new apartment.  The dimensions are similar so we rotated everything and laid out the furniture.  Turns out we'll see a shockingly small amount of the carpet. I'm not sure it's the place to make a statement, so we changed our order and, instead, got only beige tiles.  It will be a warm foundation for all our bits and bobs, but won't distract.  My eyes were bigger than my decorative stomach.

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