Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer

I always rove around on craigslist for used furniture. In a sea of floral and wicker left behind by Dorothy Zbornak, you can sometimes stumble upon real treasures. Late last night I spotted a Gus* sofa for a hot price. We've been gunning for a sectional, but this guy is so much what I want - tufted, grey, tweed, and beauuutiful.  We can pair a chunky ottoman with this couch, if a chaise lounge is what we're looking for.

Normally selling for $1850 (plus Canadian sales taxes!) this 3 month old beauty was on the list for just $950.  (Craigslist Tip: I offered $1050 to secure it. If you know an item is hot you have to act fast and set yourself apart from the others.  She said she had 10 buyers ahead of me, but because I offered more, it was all mine.)  But apparently she has more money than brains and would only take $950 upon pick up!  Lucky day! It's glorious and will be a fantastic, high-quality anchor for our apartment. We've never had anything with more than an Ikea-pedigree, so I'm awfully excited about it.  

It's a bit bluer than I would have liked, so our colour scheme will need to give a bit to compensate. The scale of our existing chairs works perfectly with that of the sofa, as does the weight of their colours.  But no more dark grey paint and perhaps a bit of steely-blue will need to be injected into the bedroom to keep a balance.  I love the bones of this couch so much (and the price!) that I'm happy to re-think it all.  


  1. that is a gorgeous sofa! lucky you - what a score.

    when i moved into my apartment (my first) in feb i scored a custom silva sofa brand new from the showroom floor for $650 delivery included! considering the retail is about $2100 i smiled everytime i looked at it for about a week. and still do. AND it was grey - which is what i wanted.

    sometimes craigslist really comes to the rescue.

  2. If I'd been the first among those 10 people ahead of you for the sofa, I'd be royally pissed. That said . . . you go girl!
    I have to disagree with your IKEA reference though, you have/had a beautiful space and some of your vintage finds are fabulous!