Saturday, March 14, 2009

Opinions, Please

How do y'all feel about FLOR carpet tiles? I'm into them for various reasons. If you spill something that won't come out, you can pull just one tile and replace it with ease. They are reasonably priced at anywhere from $3 to $10 a square foot, depending on the intricacy of the pattern and the material. You can create your own size for those hard-to-carpet rooms. And they're awfully nice.

With our new place, I'm going for a menswear-inspired palette. I'm gunning for houndstooth drapes, maybe a tidy grey wool for the sofa; I want warm, rich colours and a clean, manly feel. Well, a super faggy man, but you know what I mean. With lots of grey, shots of cream, hits of mustard, some eggplant and seafoam in there too.

I like these options. What do you think?


  1. Current palette that I'm obsessed with: grey + mustard.

    Love your ideas, and am totally confident you will pull it off and be featured in some fancy magazine.

  2. They are practical, economical, and nice looking. If you're trending towards the manly/faggy vibe I'd say that they are a great option. But, please throw a bit of Louis the something here and there to keep it on this side of manly.

    Regardless of what you chose, I'm overwhelmingly confident that you will decorate your new pad beautifully.

  3. I like number 2.. but don't know how it will go with mustard. So perhaps number 1.

  4. i love all the your inspiration!