Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is Spring Springing?

Could it be? With the temperature rising, it seems Spring might be in the air! It's intoxicating! We had a lovely brunch at Edward Levesque's Kitchen on Sunday with our friends and then poked around a couple of antique shops on Queen East. It was one of those easy and beautiful days that happen when the days get longer. Speaking of . . .

An extravagance we don't often allow ourselves to afford, there's nothing like fresh cut flowers. We picked up a bundle of tulips on the weekend and I just love the way they freshen up the room. I tend to be very un-precious when it comes to arranging flowers, especially if the bouquet is of one variety. I prefer them to look something like they did when they were in the ground: accidental and simple, hanging out in any old order. I love the way two of them are creeping off to the side, imperfectly perfect.

1 comment:

  1. white tulips are my fav! great photograph and the flowers really freshen up the room