Monday, March 23, 2009

In Living Colour

We had a second visit to our new apartment today. Because the transaction was a bit impulsive, we were anxious to see it again. A note to readers: Real estate is not gum. While you don't want to hem and haw too long, it might be wise to have a second look before you purchase. That said, we were very relieved to see that everything was as we remembered, some aspects even better! The floors were in good condition, the dimensions more gracious than we'd first thought, and the amenities (which we didn't see before buying) were lovely! It will be so nice to have a pool and a hot tub and a gym at our disposal.

We took all the necessary measurements and thought through our floor plan ideas. Due to some bulkheads and other unforeseen obstacles, it seems the whole thing is easiest left untouched. We will continue, full steam ahead, outfitting the den into a closet and removing the existing front hall closet, but our idea to blast through the bedroom's walk-in closet is more trouble than it's worth.

For now, I've moved on to paint. I hit up our local store today to snag some chips. The colours may not be entirely accurate on your monitor, but think greys, mustards, eggplants and seafoam. Lots of wood, lots of warm browns. The biggest mistake people make is lack of contrast. I made that mistake once. An all-white living room, for example, is missing a critical balance. Our birdcage lamp and the dark floors will provide a great counter to the white kitchen and misty seafoam tones.

This whole process is getting all-too-real. Next step: Hire a contractor, a painter, and a closet company. Leave a comment if you know of anyone great.