Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I can't really focus on anything but decorating our new apartment. It's all I think about. The new issue of Canadian House and Home showcases one of the loveliest living rooms I've seen recently. When I flipped the page and saw it, I gasped. It had so many elements I'm imagining for us: floor-to-ceiling drapes, hits of marble, warm greys, mustard and purple . . . The room doesn't feel overdone or fussy, yet it's elegant and complete.

Because we're downsizing from the pleasure of both a formal living room and an informal rumpus room in the basement, I have to find a way to create a room that's cozy enough for TV but also suitable for cocktail parties and the like. A sectional we can both curl up on will be key and the occasional chairs you've read about before will lend the formality. While the House and Home room has a gorgeous marble fireplace, we'll have to warm our feet by the light of the flat screen. We don't currently have a television in our formal living room, so that'll be something to get used to.

As with most one bedroom units, the "living" space is intended as both a sitting area and room for dining. At this stage, I think it might be advantageous to max-out the living room by eliminating the dining. We spend far more time lounging than we do eating, so it's my instinct to make that the more generous space and, instead, have stools at the kitchen counter for light meals and whatnot. As we source more furniture (big ticket items like the sofa) we may discover a small table for four will work. Time will tell.


  1. OK, i rarely leave comments on blogs but somehow stumbled onto yours tonight and it sucked me IN!!! The place looks great! Best of luck on the upcoming move.

  2. I'm so excited for you guys! I know that you'll make an amazingly beautiful, chic, and inviting space that you can enjoy intimately and entertain in glamorously! I look, very much, forward to seeing your new space develop!


  3. post script: I like the photo on the right. The moderne black leather and (walnut) chair looks more balanced in the space than the tufted cane chair.