Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Findlay Brown: Love Will Find You

Forgive me, I'm in one of those phases; all I can write about is music. There's a ridiculously huge amount of new stuff out right now and I can't consume it fast enough. Like Jessica Simpson at a sweet potato-eating contest, I feel overwhelmed and excited and just beside myself with options!

I love pop music. And not just the Britney Spears kind. I'm talking about stuff like Aimee Mann and anything by Jon Brion and the old-school stuff like Roy Orbison and Neil Diamond, Simon and Garfunkle. The Beatles, of course, redefined pop music. The Righteous Brothers come to mind. And think back on tracks from Dirty Dancing - Those epic pop ballads that by today's standards are dated and stale, but really are great.

There's an English guy by the name of Findlay Brown. He gained acclaim with his debut album in 2007 and is about to release his follow-up, Love Will Find You. On songs like "Nobody Cared", he might remind you of any of those listed above. As I get older there's something very comforting in listening to stuff that sounds a little like the stuff my parents used to bust out on a Sunday afternoon. While some of the lyrics are a bit much, the aesthetic is warm and vintagey and somehow similar to a cup of coffee and padding around the house on a lonely weekday morning. I like that. Download "I Had a Dream", if you please.

I know you're probably sick of reading about music, but entries re. Neko Case and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are hot on the heels of this one. We're experiencing a major renaissance in music, so get on or get out. Good music is back, people.


  1. I like these music posts. I haven't heard any of these artists before, and it's always nice to expand one's music library.

    Thank you for sharing some tracks. I'm liking all of them so far!

  2. Music posts are fun! You were on a roll here...

    I especially appreciate the shout out to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack! I played that SO MUCH. It is my favorite movie, ya know.