Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Downsize Me

So, the search is officially on. Looking to take advantage of Toronto's healthy buyer's market we're finally on the road to home-ownership. Jeff and I both moved out of our parents' houses nearly 10 years ago, and after all these years and all this money flushed down the rental-toilet (close to $150 000 between the two of us! Ack!) we've secured an agent and we're working on our list of priorities.

For me, and not yet in any hard-and-fast order:

1) Outdoor living space.
2) A designated dining room/area.
3) A secondary space to retreat to. A den, a solarium, a second bedroom-cum-office. We're used to a three-level row house with plenty of space to get the hell away from each other, when need be. So, any little corner or nook will have to suffice, but it must exist.
4) The fundamental finishes need to be acceptable. I am happy to paint, pull up some carpet, etc. but I'm not looking to renovate every element of a new condo. I have a real aversion to light floors and terracotta anything. Pedestal sinks annoy me and glass-fronted cabinetry irritates my OCD.
5) Some semblance of storage space.
6) And I really hate it when there's no natural foyer (however small) - Like the image below. It would make me crazy to walk immediately into a living room. I require a front hall closet.

That's it for now. I don't think these 6 things are too much to ask. If I'm going to live in 600 square feet, each inch must make me reasonably happy. The whole thing is terribly exciting - I can't stop daydreaming about decorating a new space. I can't sleep at night, instead I mentally hang silk eggplant drapes and lay FLOR carpet tiles and secure reclaimed wood beams to the walls and . . . I could go on all day. Stay tuned for all the developments.


  1. Congratulations! I wish you all the best house searching karma.

  2. My husband and I are also looking to take advantage of the growing buyer market here in Perth, Australia, which is said to be one of the most expensive markets in the world. Your list of requirements looks very similar to ours...

    I have my heart set on a tiny 1900's terrace with a little courtyard for our retired greyhound, in a suburb called Northbridge which is a short walk from the city, and right in the heart of Chinatown. I want something that needs cosmetic work, but the plumbing, wiring, roof and structure need to be sound.

    It's not really too much to ask, hopefully we find something soon.

  3. Exciting! can't wait to chat house-hunting tomorrow. see you then.

  4. go for you... the buying process is exciting...everything about it!

    can't wait to see more layouts. please share.

  5. And one more thing- I want a house that is not being eaten by "The Brown".

    I don't know what it is, I think that there are brown minerals in the soil or something, but the brown slowly creeps up your house, fence, even roadsigns and turns them brown, you can paint over it, but it will always come back. It reminds me of "The Nothing" from Neverending Story.

  6. congrats! it must be so exciting.

    i JUST got the keys to my first apartment (rental) and am slowly moving things in. It's just under 600 square feet but it's perfect for me. I'm so excited about the decorating so I totally hear ya - I'm up at night thinking "paint the bedroom or a funky wallpaper???" lol.

    can't wait to see what develops for you

  7. I haven't seen your condo in person but I'm exactly does it stack up to this list?!