Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Starring Robin Williams

The birdcage is done. It went from a spinster's honey-coloured dream to a quirky and elegant fixture in a boring little corner of our dining room. While we were in New York, Jeff spotted a lighting shop with all the things we needed. At the corner of Broadway and Broome in Soho this place has every bulb option you could ever want. We got two Edison bulbs, a fanastic chrome socket, a plug and several feet of black braided wire that hides within the intricate metalwork. We picked up some shiny greenish-brass chain from our local Canadian Tire store and threw the whole thing together last night. It casts lovely shadows on the walls and adds a certain warmth and organic quality the room was lacking before. (Full disclosure: Photoshop was used to eliminate a dangling wire below the cage. The lamp couldn't be hardwired so it's a necessary evil, but not one that needed to be showcased here.)

And so another little project is done. Which means I'm hot on the trail of a new one.


  1. Was the shop called Lucky Lighting by any chance? Because it sure was lucky for you! Sweet serendipity.

  2. What a great project -- turned out beautifully. And great photoshop work :)

  3. So I guess I missed this in my pre-blog days, but, of course, I love it.