Monday, January 19, 2009

My One Year Blogiversary

It's been one year. I started this blog on a whim, anxious for a place to churn out some thoughts. The idea was to focus on lovely things: interior design, food, clothes, pop culture. I've been fairly loyal to that notion, going off-topic here and there. I've received nearly 10 000 hits from all over the world: Spain and Portugal, Australia, China, Brazil, bits of the Middle East and all parts of the United States. Someone who works at TV Guide in New York and someone at Coca Cola in Atlanta. Stranger-friends from Utah and Washington D.C. have come out of the shadows while others lurk quietly, some logging hours in the middle of the night, according to my trusty Site Meter. But then there are things Google Analytics can't tell you. My life partner has recently admitted to "skimming" and my dear Natasha stated boldly: "Well, if you think there's something I'd be interested in reading, let me know." I'm glad my nearest and dearest find me so compelling. Anyway.

My first post was all about my living room. The things I hoped to change, the things I liked. It hasn't changed too drastically, but I've refined the room and it makes me happy to walk through my front door. I'll call that success. I've acquired new chairs, new lamps, new accessories. I've moved things around a bit. The white rug expired after a run in with a muddy stilleto-clad low-budget background performer (don't ask) and the CDs are neatly catalogued. Two new chairs and various lamps you've heard enough about round it out. I'd hoped to lessen the Ikea effect: mission accomplished.

There are other bits and bobs accumulated this year I'm particularly pleased with. A few new globes (the most recent on the far right, even smaller than the others, its metal base different too. $10 at the St. Lawrence Market) an old photo of Jeff's Dad we acquired from the house and Jeff's complete set of Shakespearean dramas. They're tiny, like Beatrix Potter books, and a deep orangey-red. The yellow chair still makes my head spin ($30!) and the coffee table has been well-worth the $6.29 we paid for it last summer. I found the kitchen stools at an antique shop in Collingwood, all four for $50. A real steal. (Click to enlarge the image.) All told, the things that have made our house a home haven't cost much at all. As much as I love logging hours and days on high-end design sites, it's the cheap little treasures that really make the difference.


  1. Jason, you've done a wonderful job, congratulations on one year of blogging! There are no hard stats but I've been reading up on the subject and apparently most bloggers pack it in after six-months because they find it too taxing. I know, I was nearly one of them.
    My BEST friend for 35 years doesn't read my blog and I've learned to forgive her. This is our thing, not necessarily their thing. So blog on, Sir, blog on!

  2. happy blogiversary!

    you are the reason i started blogging. much thanks to Apartment Therapy where i discovered you.

  3. Chris: Thanks for that!

    Thomas: Oh my goodness! I've created a monster!

  4. Congratulations on your Blogiversary, I truly enjoying reading it. But unlike Thomas, it has inspired me to read more, not write, as you can tell by the three paltry entries I have posted since September ;)

    My impression of your blog is a mixture of Vanity fair, the Sartorialist, and Real Simple, pour homme. Or...if Tom Ford and Martha had a love child, it would be your blog. Cheers.

  5. Wow, casafroggy.
    I'm speechless!

  6. in Details last month Tom Ford stated that all gay men should sleep with at least one this Tom Ford/Martha Stewart thing could happen.

  7. First of all, you wrote this: "and it makes me happy to walk through my front door" but what I think you meant to say is that "my home rises up to GREET me!" ;)

    Also, your first post was on January 16, 2008. This is dated January 19, 2009. I only bring this up because my birthday is January 19th and I LOVE the idea of your Blogiversary being on my birthday. Just sayin'. Hmm...let's see, in 2009, I turned 31. Oh damn. THAT was a depressing celebration.

    Anyway, I love the comment about Jeff and Natasha! While I totally get that the people who you live your day to day life with are all, "We KNOW you...I'm not reading about what I already know!" I do think it's interesting to get to know you more through your writing. Kind of a special something to see how your mind makes sense of things and churns out formed thoughts when there is nobody there to steer you away from going in one particular direction. I suppose for an inquisitive person (like myself) reading a blog serves as a gateway into understanding people--in turn understanding yourself better. I could ask a million questions based off of just one post. Specific things and very general things. But all worthwhile.